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La Campania
Finest Italian Restaurant 51 High Street
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About Us

La Campania got its name from the region Campania, which is located in southwestern Italy and known for its ancient ruins and dramatic coastline. Campania also maintains some of Italy’s most treasured culinary highlights. Many world-known Italian dishes have their roots in Campania: pizza, spaghetti, mozzarella, limoncello, cannelloni… Italians know Campania for being one of the tastiest regions, offering the best food imaginable. It is also the undisputed winner for the best coffee in the country. Espresso, cappuccino, and now interesting variations such as hazelnut coffee jump-start the day for the residents of Campania. La Campania offers a full authentic experience, and our passion for Italian foods means we only source the freshest and tastiest ingredients.

Traditional, Authentic Cuisine